SymbIoT will be based on a combination of complementary technologies and systems comprising of advanced GNSS positioning systems, the Internet of Things – IoT, communication protocols, unmanned vehicles, earth observation systems, etc. which will be integrated into a unified platform.

SymbIoT is 24-month project following an iterative methodology of progressive development split in three (3) phases and five (5) work packages (WPs). More specifically the project’s work packages are:

  • WP1 – Requirements, Specifications and System Architecture
  • WP2 – IoT Station Network for Differencial GNSS Function
  • WP3 – Field Application Development
  • WP4 – Computing Cloud Tools development
  • WP5 –Evaluation and Validation of Results

The way of interaction between the phases and the work packages that govern the project development methodology can be seen in the following figure:

Phase 1 (M1-M9): During this phase, users’ needs will be determined and the technical specifications as well as the architecture of the system will be determined.

Phase 2 (M3-M20): The development and integration of the GNSS subsystems into a unified system will be completed. Additionally, during  this phase all end-user tools and cloud computing services will be developed.

Phase 3 (M1-M24): It concerns pilot testing and validation of the system in representative precision farming scenarios. It also includes actions to disseminate and exploit the results of the project.