The SymbioT project involves NEUROPUBLIC (project coordinator) and AGENSO as technology partners, as well as the agricultural cooperative PEGASUS – 7GRAPES, which hosts the pilot demonstrations at the end of the project.

NEUROPUBLIC ( is an innovative ICT SME (90+ employees), specialized in the development of integrated information systems and high-demand applications built in Cloud computing architecture for smart farming applications.
NP has participated in various ICT projects, including research project funded by EC (H2020, FP7, FP6, LIFE like DataBio, IoF2020, SmartAgriHubs, LIFE GaiaSense, LASIE, etc.), European Space Agency (ESA) projects (Euro-VO Registry, RAWDAR, etc.). NP is a member of AIOTI (, BDVA (, EARSC ( and Farm Europe ( and their Smart Farming working groups.
On 2013 NP started its Smart Farming (SF) program, aiming to provide next generation advice to farmers. NP designed and developed Gaiatron telemetric stations, for the monitoring of environmental and soil variables. Taking as input the variables coming from the environmental sensing network and combining them with a variety of data coming from remote sensing (RPAs and satellites), proximity sensors, farm data, farm logs etc, a cloud-based DSS supports the decision-making mechanism for the farmer’s every-day farming activities, in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. The GAIAtron stations and the SF services are also being piloted and improved in the context of DataBio (, the H2020 Large Scale Pilot (LSP) project on BigData applications for Agriculture, where NP is currently responsible for the organization of the Precision agriculture pilots in olives, fruits, grapes and vegetables at an EU level. NP is also coordinating the LIFE GAIA Sense (2018-2022) LSP project, where, together with GAIA EPICHEIREIN (its linked 3rd party) NP is leading 18 demonstrators of these services in Greece, Spain and Portugal.
NP developed the information system GAIA ( which is a significant and efficient tool for information support of the needs of each body of the cooperative and private agricultural economy (“real economy”).
AGENSO is an innovative company and its team is composed of highly motivated and qualified people with extensive research experience in universities, companies and European projects. Our people hold master degrees and doctorates in agricultural engineering, information technology and environmental management and have work experiences in various research institutes and universities (i.e. Centre of Research and Technology, Hellas (CERTH), Agricultural University of Athens (AUA), Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving (CRES)).
Our team’s expertise spans Precision Agriculture (PA) services and ICT solutions and specializes in the promotion of research and services in the areas of sustainable production and advanced technologies for agriculture.
AGENSOS’s personnel has participated in over 40 EU and national research projects (FP7, Horizon2020, ERANET ICT-AGRI, and Future Internet Accelerators) and has a close relationship with the relative agriculture industry sector, farmer’s organizations and research institutes in terms of external services and technology transfer.
AGENSO is currently participating in 7 Horizon2020 projects, 3 ICT-AGRI projects and 4 National projects for developing ICT solutions and software for agricultural and environmental domain.
Moreover, AGENSO’s portfolio includes the development of an agricultural robot and various software applications. It also offers Precision Agriculture services to individual farmers and farmer’s cooperatives.
Pegasus – 7Grapes is one of the largest groups of table grape producers and is active in the region of Kiato of Corinth in the Peloponnese, Greece.
Its members cultivate an area of ​​1500 hectares of table grapes from different varieties such as Thompson seedless and Crimson seedless and also sell extra quantities of table grapes grown in various regions of Greece. The production of the group is processed and packaged in a privately-owned modern packaging plant. The final product is exported due to its high quality mainly in the UK in well-known supermarket chains (Marks & Spencer, Sainsburies Sainsbury’s, Tesco etc.) but also in other European countries (Germany, the Netherlands, etc.).
Pegasus – 7Grapes also collaborates with Bayer Crop Science in the Food Chain Partnership program by participating in a project on Traceability and Sustainability. Awarded as “the best in class” company from Bayer Crop Science that markets plant protection artifacts for grape growing leading to high quality products. Pegasus – 7Grapes collaborates with the Agricultural University of Athens in many projects to improve the growing conditions with novel techniques and applications.